GP Control Valves & Engineering (Pty) Ltd

Our Portfolio of work

At GP Control Valves & Engineering we place high emphasis on the human factor. We feel that for any technical program to be successful, good relationships are to be build on all levels and co-operation between them. We support the production function through maintenance, renewal and refurbishment of equipment to ensure improvement of plant availability, integrity and adherence to statutory requirements.

We see our role as follows:

  • Provide a one-stop service with a 24 hour backup of knowledgeable and capable personnel for reconditioning and maintenance on control valves, mechanical valves and relief valves.
  • Provide onsite management of technical, planning and personnel related issues.
  • To help develop and implement plans from plant strategies.
  • To fully pursue engineering out of maintenance.
  • To apply the networking principle to ensure that lessons learned are applied throughout.
  • To apply the technical and maintenance management expertise.
  • Obtain the inputs of AIA Inspection authorities, Maintenance information systems and SHERQ.

All of the above will play a positive role in:

  • High level of preventive and planned maintenance
  • Increased plant reliability and availability
  • Eliminating rework
  • Decreasing maintenance cost
  • Achieving a high level of satisfaction and performance for both our clients and our selves.




Mechanical valves (Gate valves, Knife gate valves, Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Breather valves)

Relieve valves (RV’s)

Non-return valves

Automatic recirculation valves (Schroeder / Schroedel) for pump protection



Pressure testing

Control Systems

Control valves

Globe valves, Ball valves, Butterfly valves

Precision Machining

Manufacturing of orifice plates and Instrumentation spare parts

Oxygen Services

Cleaning of equipment to comply for oxygen service requirements

Issuing of an oxygen service certificate




Our Refurbishment Methodology:

  • Repair before replace.
  • Keep the customer informed on progress from start to completion.
  • Adhere to SANAS and API Standards.
  • Maintaining an environment conducive to personal & professional growth.


Complete the refurbishment according to a Quality Control plan:

  • Photo for valve identification
  • Register control valve
  • Pre-check valve according to data sheet
  • Strip clean and inspect
  • Fit new or reconditioned spares
  • Sandblasting
  • Spray painting
    Leak test @ ANSI CLASS II, III, IV, V, VI
  • High pressure test @ process pressure or body rating 150# to 1500# ASA
  • Issue a calibration certificate with photo